5 Technologies That Revolutionize In Future

In the very near future, in 2030, technological progress will be such that it will transform our daily lives.

Discover 5 of these technologies:


The technologies of the future are coming and show clear advances in many areas. For the last fifteen years, technological progress has been mainly confined to the virtual world.

In the very near future, by 2030, they will revolutionize and transform our daily lives.

5 major technologies of the future will accompany us:

Technology in the hands of businessmen

The biggest change will be in how to use the new technologies of the future. It is through 5 of them that our daily life will be the most revolutionized:

  1. Genomics
  2. Nanotechnology.
  3. Energy storage.
  4. The robotics.
  5. The connected and intuitive home.

Moreover, and it is already the case, the connected objects will discharge us of some tasks and thus of this fact, lighten our daily life.

The connected house is already knocking on our door!

This change will be so important, that it will be comparable to that of the birth of home appliances!

New architectures of IT  :

In recent years, new computer architectures have appeared. Two of them, in their developments, are already well advanced:

The quantum computer  :

It is based on quantum effects (superposition and entanglement).

The ultimate goal is to create computers millions of times more powerful than today.

The anthropomorphic chips :

Genuine clone of the human brain, these chips mimic the design of our human brain, no less! They will be a billion times more efficient than current technology.


Among the technologies of the future, the science of the study of the human genome will be accessible by 2030. It will considerably modify our approach in the medical field. A small revolution had already emerged in 2003, when the human genome was decoded!

In 2030, only 27 years later, curing cancer will become as commonplace as treating flu today.

To see even further, we will manufacture a whole range of products.

Nanotechnology :

It is in the field of medicine that this new technology, nanotechnology , will see its most spectacular rise. New technologies of the future will have to rely on it.

Doctors will be able to manipulate devices so small that they will not exceed the width of a human hair!

The infinitely small, will allow access and work on individual cells, in the case of treatment in areas still to date inaccessible, unexplored, because of their location in the human body. The procedures and after-effects will be much more comfortable, less invasive, for the patients.

At the dawn of 2030, with the help of “nanobots” technological progress will be such that it will be possible to inject and transport in our blood system, these surgical tools!

Energy storage:

For the last 40 years, the reduction and storage of mobile phone energy in particular remains a subject to which researchers have the greatest difficulty in mastering the entire circuit.

The new technologies of the future will integrate batteries made with materials capable of storing energy in large quantities and being recharged in record time.

Reducing the size of storage is one of the objectives, implying in passing a reduction of costs! Lithium-ion batteries have already almost reached their technological limit to date.

By 2030, these new storage technologies will appear. The batteries will be both 5 times more powerful and their costs divided by 5.

It will become commonplace to charge an iPhone in 30 seconds or an electric car in minutes!

Future technologies and robotics:

The technologies of the future will also rely on robotics  that will explode by 2030! It should occupy an important place in our daily lives and will not be fixed more than just the industry sector.

Thanks to nanotechnology, robots will be designed with much lighter and stronger materials. “Neuromorphic” chips (executing learning algorithms) will feed them. Finally, they can interact with us in a natural and almost human way.

Technologies of the future: Robotics

Already existing, but reserved for a certain elite, these robots will be generalized and unmarked by 2030. Nothing more ordinary than to ask them to deliver us an order, while another will take care of driving our vehicle, and that a third will be busy with other tasks!

The time is not so far or the banal comfort of our society today, was not even imaginable by our own descendants!

Connected and intuitive house

The house of the future will obviously be a frugal home, comfortable and intuitive.

A house still connected advantage  :

In addition to these technological advances, connected household objects, still called “home automation” to this day, will be synchronized with your smartphones, your computers and your televisions.

By preparing you in the morning in your bathroom, mirrors-screens will allow you to see the news, to inform you about the weather or simply to read your agenda of the day!

Similarly, and much more powerful than current applications known already widespread, you will have the opportunity to manage your home from your smartphone, like a universal remote control.

Technologies of the future: connected and intuitive home

Touch screens will be inserted in your floor and integrate advanced technologies such as task detectors, disaster detectors, but also physical circulation as security system against intrusions!

And if we prepared you to eat with the foods available at your home!

In the kitchen, weighing and food recognition technologies will cook recipes for you.

This feat will be made possible based on existing and existing foods in your refrigerator, your freezer, and even those stored in your closets!

An ecological and efficient house

Energy savings in perspective! The house of the future will be completely autonomous, especially in energy. In the image of what already exists, it will be possible thanks to photovoltaic supports, to complete the systems of heating and management of the positive energy. These materials will be integrated through glazing,