Become Recognized Virtual Assistant Websites And Work From Your Home

Want to work from home on the Internet ? Are you organized and know how to communicate with ease .

A virtual assistant websites is a professional who offers varied administrative services to companies and entrepreneurs who particularly appreciate the flexibility offered by this way of working compared to a traditional executive secretary.

You are wondering what types of administrative tasks you can offer …

Over here to find out.

What does virtual assistant websites do?

A virtual assistant can be requested for a wide variety of tasks . In fact, the services you can offer are endless and depend primarily on your education , experience and skills .

In concrete terms, you will be asked to perform tasks such as:

  • Make phone calls,
  • Manage customer service,
  • Search the Internet,
  • Manage a calendar,
  • Enter data on a back office,
  • Manage email,
  • Take charge of accounting,
  • Write articles on a blog ,
  • Manage presence on social networks,
  • Do the technical support,
  • Plan events,

As you can see, this list is far from exhaustive. More generally, any task that can be outsourced and that would allow your client to save time and devote himself to his job.

What status for a virtual assistant?

To work as a Virtual Assistant at home, the most suitable status is micro-entrepreneur. This status allows you to benefit from a simplified tax regime, if your annual turnover does not exceed 70 000 €. Thanks to the micro-enterprise scheme you benefit from the following advantages:

  • No VAT to invoice,
  • Simplified accounting requirements ,
  • Calculation and settlement of simplified social security contributions ,
  • lump sum deduction of 34% of turnover for the calculation of your income tax.

Unlike  the sale of its creations on the markets , there is no particular legal obligation.

In short, the status of auto-entrepreneur is ideal to become a virtual assistant.

How to find your first virtual assistant job offer?

assistant job offer

To begin, I recommend you apply for easy and low-paying tasks . That to make you a name and a positive reputation. Sign up for specialized networking platforms with potential customers. These sites take a percentage of your winnings in return for the visibility they offer you.

Then, put yourself in the shoes of a client: “  you are looking for your virtual assistant to delegate the administrative management of certain tasks in your start-up  ”. One of the things you check first is the feedback provided by former Virtual Personal Assistant customers. Is not it ?

When you start out, your goal is to collect as much positive reviews as possible . Indeed, these sites have a feedback system that allows customers to rate and comment on the work of the freelance assistant at the end of the contract.

The more positive notes you get, the more your profile will be highlighted. As a result, you will have more customers …

A virtuous circle that is all to your advantage.

The most difficult thing is to find the first contract, but consider it a challenge, a challenge.

For platforms offering tele – secretary job offers at home , here are three of the most recognized.

Upwork is one of the most influential and successful freelance platforms on the international teleworking market. It offers many job offers and for all budgets.

To make a good first impression, consider completing your profile 100%. This involves passing tests in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Remember to ask your clients for permission to post on your portfolio the projects you have successfully completed.

With 131,000 freelancers, Codeur is the first platform for remote work in France. To respond to projects, you will need to pay a monthly fee.

How it works ?

A customer submits an offer and the service providers submit their quotes. The client then hires the selected provider to complete the contract.

Formerly called Hopwork, Malt is a French site that allows customers to geolocate providers.

Here, it is up to the customers to select the virtual secretaries of their choice. If a customer chooses you, you just have to send him your quote before starting work.

What training to become a virtual personal assistant?

training become virtual assistant

There is no particular training to have to become a virtual personal assistant. It is essential to highlight your training, your experience and your skills. Indeed, you can become a virtual assistant in several areas:

  • Virtual Assistant in Computer Science,
  • Accounting Assistant,
  • Administrative Virtual Secretary,
  • Virtual Assistant in Communication,
  • And many others …

The profession has virtual only the title, in fact you lend assistance to your customers as would a traditional executive assistant. Except that here you will practice your profession at home.

How to become a recognized virtual personal assistant?

recognized virtual personal assistant

Making a name for yourself and gathering positive feedback are already two good points to build customer loyalty and find new ones. To stay on top, you will have to learn continuouslyabout new software, applications and technologies used in your field. Sometimes you discover a niche that is untappedand in which you can become a reference .

Then becoming a recognized virtual assistant requires boosting your image and your presence on the Internet. For this it will be necessary:

  • Create a WordPress blog ,
  • Be present on social networks,
  • Highlight the feedback of your satisfied customers to build your reputation.

On a personal level, having a sense of diplomacy is very important in this business. Put shapes when you want to convey a delicate message to your interlocutor: make yourself understood by avoiding creating blockages.

Then, you will need to be a trusted person to ensure the confidentiality of your customers’ personal and business information.


The evolution of technology has made virtual all the tools needed to run a business and at the same time outsource a set of services. Thanks to this, today you can work as an assistant or personal assistant while staying at home.

On the physical side, you just need a computer and Internet access and you’re ready to work.

Opt for the status of self-entrepreneur and register on online work platforms to start finding a job and to make a name for yourself. You will be able to work on behalf of several clients if you wish. It’s just a matter of organization.

You will stand out by focusing on quality of service, continuing education and web presence. Maybe you’ll end up finding an unexplored niche. Do not hesitate to specialize in this niche to become a must.

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