High Tech Gadgets and Accessories

The Ring Motiv Ring is more discreet than a bracelet connected

Connected wristbands that track the user’s activity are numerous. But maybe you find them too cumbersome and restrictive. To remedy this, the American start-up Motiv has developed a ring, simply called ” Motiv Ring “, offering exactly the same features, but in a format, in fact, more discreet. The company exhibited its product at CES 2018.

Charging spot 4.0 – An induction charger unlike any other

The manufacturer of induction chargers Powermat has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, its main competitor. To mark this merger, Powermat innovates and unveils the new SmartInductive technology, which combines all the advantages of inductive charging, with long-range charging technologies. The Charging Spot 4.0 induction charger is the first product to benefit from this new technology.

Connected clothes can be recharged with your sweat

Connected clothes seem very promising in terms of autonomy, interface and ergonomics, but their commercial development is often confidential. A researcher from the University of Binghamton (USA) has created a biobattery in the form of an expandable fabric that works with body sweat. This one could one day be incorporated in connected clothes for the sportsmen.

Ironcar the mini autonomous car championship

While the first autonomous car races of the Roborace project are to be held next year at the opening of the Formula E races, a miniaturized version of this concept is coming to France. IronCar is the name of this championship which will see the very first race of autonomous cars in reduced model to take place in France.

Control your dreams with the Onidream On-line Mask

Fall asleep easily, wake up gently, watch for sleep, and experience ‘ lucid dreams ‘, a team from the Epitech School of Computer Science, using a connected mask called Onidream, began. to prove oneself. It is for the moment a prototype, but a second version, fully operational, is promised for February 2018.

Schneider Electric’s Thorsman construction lamp

Carrying out construction or renovation work requires optimal viewing comfort. Schneider Electric offers the Thorsman construction lamp that offers high performance lighting. Its luminous flux of 2500 lumens guarantees a comfortable light. The manufacturer Schneider Electric has several models of construction lamp, adapted to the nature of the work to be done.

The Mobiya solar lamp recharges your mobile devices

Schneider Electric, worldwide specialist in energy management and automation, has been selling its Mobiya solar lamp for a few months in France. The Mobiya solar lamp is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, sports, picnics, but also for DIY and outdoor lighting. Solid and environmentally friendly, Schneider Electric ensures that it offers an ingenious combination of quality lighting and mobile device charging.

New technologies serving skin care

In 2017, facials are reinvented with a multitude of galenic products that play with our senses and shake up our daily habits. Gelled microbeads, beaded fluids, ampoules and capsules … These treatments all come from microencapsulation, a technology that the cosmetics industry has quickly seized, thanks to specialized service providers in this type of process, such as this one. ci .

Play drums anywhere with Drumistic

The battery can be a bulky instrument. Ability to train anywhere, anytime on the battery. This is the idea behind Drumistic, connected sensors that allow drummers to practice in any condition.

The first 4DX cinema has just opened in France

Developed in South Korea, 4DX technology offers viewers a new experience. Immersed in the heart of the film, all their senses are stimulated. Completely free of visual and auditory limits, they discover a cinema out of the screen and experience a unique and unprecedented immersive cinematic experience.

Senstone connected pendant records all your ideas

Most smartphone users have a digital notebook, with hundreds of ideas, and other memos. The Senstone is a connected pendant to record everything that goes through your head. The recorded memos are then converted to text format, transferred to the user’s smartphone, and automatically classified by the software.

The Wair connected scarf protects you from pollution

Pollution is one of the biggest problems of this century, both for the environment and for our health. 3 million people die each year because of air pollution, including 48,000 French in 2016. Caroline Van Renterghem, French designer, has created Wair, an anti-pollution scarf connected to an application.

The Proof bracelet will alert you if you drink too much alcohol

For those who wish to test their blood alcohol level more discreetly than with a breathalyzer, there is now a high tech gadget, the Proof. This connected bracelet does not count your number of steps and does not just estimate the quality of your sleep. He is working on a real social issue, to know if you have drunk too much.

Catspad connected bowl for cats-geek

The young French company Catspad has presented a bowl connected to the CES in Las Vegas, which helps regulate the diet of felines, to prevent them from being overweight. She makes sure your cats are well fed and healthy, even when you are away from home.

Airblock – The modular drone to learn how to code

Airblock is a small drone that will soon wreak havoc among the community of geeks passionate about new technologies. Powered by Smartphone or tablet, this little easy-to-use drone has to be assembled and, above all, to be programmed yourself thanks to an interface specially designed for novices in terms of computer programming.

This board is the first to be connected and automated

When you are a fan of chess but you can not find anyone to play, you can always count on your PC or smartphone, but the charm is not there. An Indian start-up seems to have found a solution to play chess remotely on a real chessboard, with Square Off, the first board connected.

Eco-friendly street lamps powered by our steps

An American start-up has just installed street lights with the particularity of being powered in part by the energy produced by passersby. This pilot project aims to prove its ability to reduce pollution and lighting costs in Las Vegas.

This connected watch is powered by human warmth

The Matrix PowerWatch is the first device powered by thermoelectricity, and more specifically by the heat of the body. This unique technology guarantees unlimited autonomy because it eliminates the need to recharge or replace the battery. This is an effective response to frequent criticism regarding the autonomy of connected watches available on the market.

LVL the first bracelet able to measure hydration

The human body is mainly composed of water. It is therefore essential to maintain a good level of hydration permanently. The LVL-connected wristband, developed by BSX Athletics, is the first in the world to measure the carrier’s moisture content.

Bixi captures your actions to control your connected objects

Made by Bluemint Labs, a French start-up, Bixi can control several connected objects such as smartphones, light bulbs or music applications. Instead of snapping his fingers, the owner makes precise movements over the small box. It interprets the gestures and controls the connected devices accordingly.

The connected pram Snoo cradles your baby automatically

The Snoo is a connected pram to monitor if the baby is asleep, and rock it through an automated swing system. Parents can stay in bed when the child wakes up, and monitor the quality of their sleep from the smartphone companion app.