Tips For Finding a Developer

You have just launched your startup and you are sure to be the next Mark Zuckerberg!

But unlike the latter, you are not a computer genius. You need a developer to launch your projects.

After posting dozens of ads, you still have not found one and you do not know why. Let us enlighten you …

Focus on the concept of developer:

Many startups embark on a distraught search for a developer, without really knowing what this professional is supposed to do.

So let’s start by seeing its definition: a developer has the function of designing sites or applications and writing the lines of code that will form the various parts of these platforms.

You may not be able to find a developer because, because you do not know this business, you have trouble understanding the candidates who come forward and convincing them to work with you.

Try to find out more about the profile you are looking for, so you’ll know how to make your startup attractive to them.

Beginner or expert?

If it is this skill that you really need, it remains to know if you will gladly content with a lambda individual who is doing in the field or if you seek the cream of the crop in the field.

Note, of course, that for a super-developer you will have to be ready to put the price . If, until now, you proposed an undervalued budget for your needs, this may explain your hiring difficulties.

However, do not be too demanding. A developer is not a graphic designer, editor, SEO … To ask too many tasks can be scary.

Good practices for finding a developer:

The developer wants to work on a project that fascinates and challenges him. It is for this reason that many prefer to work freelance, to have more freedom and choice in projects.

To make a developer want to join your team, present your project correctly. It must be innovative and attractive, while demonstrating that you are in control of your needs.

You really do not know anything? Say it frankly! A developer also knows how to demonstrate pedagogy and assist you in the software implementation of your needs.

In addition, be a good marketer and value your business as “THE” startup to join. Without overdoing it, introduce your line of business and your team. Freelance will be happy to join a team more than a company.

Solutions to find a developer easily:

To find a developer, do not just search, you have to look in the right place.

Easily find your web development specialist by posting an ad on Coder , for example. You can also do a search among the profiles available on the site and contact the independents with the required profile.

To be attractive, your ad must be detailed. A specific project proves that you know exactly what you want, which will reassure potential candidates.

Also specify the budget you are willing to allocate to the mission, not to mention that a good developer deserves. Also remember to attach a specification to your offer.

Thus, anyone interested will know exactly what you expect from your collaboration to offer you a very accurate quote.