Tips For Online Casino Games

Win money casino. How to win at French online casinos in 2017? The first element to answer this question is undoubtedly the bonuses. They are the best method to start making real money in online casinos. With them, no risk since it is not your money that you will bet! In addition, the first deposit bonuses are mostly quite high. This is why we advise you to never register in an internet casino that does not offer a bonus code at first deposit. The best bonuses are no deposit bonuses since they do not require any deposit.

If it is the fact of bet real money that worries you, it is quite possible to play without money (besides bonuses). Indeed, there are free games that require no registration or download. They are in all respects identical to the games offered on online casinos with real money, except that the financial risk is removed. This tip will give you the opportunity to enjoy online casino games without apprehension, and to know better the different specificities. You will be able to refine your different strategies and tips on these free games.

If you are in a bad mood or just faint, we do not recommend playing. Indeed during these moments, you are no longer in complete possession of your means and this can be extremely risky on online casinos where there are no real barriers to the game without limits. So, to know how to win, the trick is to know its limits and play when you are 100%!

Before starting a game and asking yourself the question “How to win at the online casino?”, Care must be taken to define a starting capital. If you liquidate the latter, then it is better to replay only when you can put a stake capital is not essential for you. Before starting a game, the trick is to set the amount of gain you want to have. When you reach it, stop. This is the best trick not to get into debt, and not lose what you won.

Win At Roulette:

Roulette is a game where chance reigns supreme. Thus, many players think that there are no strategies and possible tricks for this game. But this is not true because there are different techniques and methods to apply to optimize your skills to the roulette and put all the chances on your side.

The choice of variants: Most online casinos offer the American and European variants of the game. The trick is to choose the European roulette. Indeed, this variant has only one box marked with a zero, while the American version integrates two. Even if the payouts are the same for two variants, the chances of victory are much better at the European version of the game!

Simple bets: The trick is to bet only on simple odds like black or red or even odd. Indeed, this technique restricts the advantage of the casino on you since including the stake on simple bets is divided between the bank and the player when the ball is found on zero.

Slot Machine Strategies:

Online slots are the main attraction of online casinos. Sincerely, which player does not dream of getting the jackpot in one go? But winning is not easy since luck is obviously ubiquitous in this type of games. However there are techniques and tips to put all the odds on his side to hit the jackpot and to know how to win at the casino.

Return Rates:

Each slot machine has a payout rate. Indeed, the machines are programmed to pay a certain percentage of the money played at the online casino. To illustrate this, a machine with a payout rate of 95% repairs € 95 as soon as it receives 100, while a machine with a payout rate of 80% repairs only € 80 as soon as it will hit 100. So when you play online, the trick is to learn about the payout rate of slot machines and take only those that are most favorable, knowing that the higher the percentage is and the more you’ll have chances to win.

The choice of roller machines (1 to 3 lines):

This kind of machines are the most expensive. They offer the most interesting jackpots, but in return, you will have less chances to win. The trick is to play on this type of machines with the maximum bet. Indeed, it’s your only chance to win the jackpot. You must play at least 100 rounds with your starting bet if you want to get a great jackpot. So, this trick is to attempt a huge jackpot, and for that you will have to have the kidneys robust enough to perform the necessary number of tests.

Digital machines with multiple lines: The trick is relatively simple: Choose your machine. For this you will have to take the one that offers the most free spins, but also the most bonuses. On these slot machines, it is imperative to play all the lines, one piece per line enough.

Blackjack Techniques:

Blackjack techniques. How to win blackjack? In addition to its strategic aspect, blackjack also requires some know-how. Indeed, there are several strategies, tips and techniques that will allow you to have an undeniable advantage against the bank. It must also be known that the chance of blackjack is much lower than in games such as roulette or slot machines.

The essential strategy of the base: If you do not use the basic strategy, it will be difficult to be a winner in the long run. The basic strategy is the first thing a confirmed blackjack player needs to know before playing. Indeed, it lowers the casino advantage to almost 1%! This is the best tip for winning blackjack.

Probability and counting of cards: Probabilities are already used to understand the basic strategy. In addition, it allows us to teach that the more logs (there are cards with a value of 10) in the hoof, the more the dealer is likely to burn. Thus, the player is advantaged. This trick has the same purpose as the strategy of counting cards. Indeed, counting the cards consists in characterizing and determining the periods when there is a high ratio of logs in the hoof. The methods are different, but the purpose is the same: Know when to increase your bets and when to lower them.


The trick is to never use insurance unless you are an experienced card counter. Using insurance only benefits the online casino and only inexperienced players will use the insurance offered. They will surely lose money. So to keep your capital, follow this trick!

Win Real Money At Poker:

The tips and tricks that follow are mostly for novice players. But even the greatest poker legends use these different strategies. These different methods will greatly influence the chances of victory and will answer the question that many people ask themselves: “How to win at poker?”

Do not play every shot :

Here is the main mistake of beginners. Indeed, especially during cash games, do not play with a wide range of hands. Knowing how to lie down is the trick that can make you win poker. Indeed, you have to know how to withdraw even with improbable hands. Playing a lot of shots does not mean winning more. Thus, if you notice that you participate in about half of the hands distributed, we advise you to review the starting hand chart.

Know how to withdraw even having put a lot of chips: The second technique is the investment chips already made. Indeed, many novice players want to stay at all costs even if most clues suggest a loss at the end of the stroke. Know that the money wagered no longer belongs to you. So, over investing is not a good trick!

Check out the prints: Of course, always pay attention to your hands and the common board. Be sure to have visualized the possible prints following and color. Check even several times.

Probabilities Of Making Money Online

Regarding the odds of winning at French online casino games, they are not the same for table games like poker and blackjack, compared to slot machines and roulette. Indeed, the last two named games, everyone can play and win since the share of luck is paramount. However, table games (or cards if you prefer), we must use common sense, cunning and especially cold blood. In poker, the trick is to know how to bluff when you need it and go to bed when your instinct tells you. Experienced techniques, tips and strategies are acquired. In blackjack even if the distribution of cards is linked to luck, the game is played against other players and facing the dealer. So, both in poker and blackjack, you have to use techniques and strategies to put all the probabilities of victories on your side. As for roulette and slot machines, we will talk about more tricks than strategies, and these will have less impact on the final result.

So by using the best methods and tips, you will inevitably have more opportunities to know how to win a big jackpot in poker or roulette (especially if you choose the American version). This is why we can distinguish two main types of games in online casinos: Gambling where you have to be lucky, and card games where experience and strategy have a significant impact on the course of a game. part. In spite of everything and no matter the game, there will always be the inevitable “beginner’s luck”. So if you have experience, opt instead for strategy games, while if you’re new, prefer online casino games of pure chance.

Novice in the middle of online casinos? Wondering how to win online games? In this case, you must have a lot of questions. Many words encountered on software and online games should not make sense to you. Thus, here are the most common questions about jackpot winnings and jackpots at online casino, as well as their associated answers and tips.

How to win the jackpot in an online casino? :

In order to win the jackpot at online slot machines, you have to find the correct combination. In addition, playing in an online casino maximizes the player’s advantage since the payout rate is higher than in a real casino (online casinos have an average payout rate of 97%, while 95%).

Which games are most likely to win? :

As a general rule, there is a better chance of winning table games than slot machines. For example, blackjack (table game) proves to be interesting, simple to play, and with a significant strategic share. Roulette, despite its great share of luck, also offers excellent odds of winning.

What is a progressive jackpot? :

Progressive jackpots are the biggest attraction of online casinos. With this concept players from the same casino, or even the same network, participate in the same jackpot, the value of the jackpot is often very high. Thus, they can sometimes rise to millions of euros. In addition, they appear mostly randomly, and everyone can win.

What is the most profitable game in an online casino? How to win and with which tips? : Each game is profitable, it is ultimately your player profile that will determine whether the game is profitable for you or not. Online slots will be great if you’re looking for the jackpot quickly, especially if you play the progressive jackpot. Online roulette is certainly the most profitable game since offering half / half chances if you opt for colors or odd / even. Finally, if you know how to count cards, do not hesitate and play blackjack!