Top 10 Technical Football Moves

Discover the best technical gestures in football:

A professional footballer or apprentice stands out by his techniques. Viewers are even fond of original gestures from their favorite player in the field. Technical gestures have marked the history of world football. Ordinary players have become real geniuses thanks to the most spectacular shots. The scarf, the panenka or the sombrero are illustrated in video. Discover also the striking, the dribble, the juggling, the free kick, the chisel, the amortized chest and the whim.

1.Typing techniques:

Striking is the most basic gesture in football. There are several ways to hit the ball. This technical gesture depends on the circumstance: pass, shoot, fake … A football player then shows you the different techniques of striking football. You will also discover video tips to improve your game so you can increase the power of your strikes and frame them.2.

2.The dribble:

A player in possession of the ball on the football field must know how to dribble at the risk of being stolen by the opponent. This video gives you a little dribbling lesson. A coach gives you his advice to improve this technical gesture of football. In order to perfect your dribbling, you must train regularly until you understand that the ball is an extension of your feet.


His mastery of the ball makes the good football player, whether apprentice or professional. This mastery manifests itself among other things by juggling. To help you juggle the football, a professional player gives you all his advice. This technical gesture makes it possible to touch the ball with the whole body except the hands. It is indeed possible to juggle with the feet as well as the shoulders, but also the knees and the chest.

4.The headscarf:

Born in Argentina in 1948, the headscarf or Rabona is a technical act of hitting the ball behind the support leg to center or pass it to a teammate. This historic and aesthetic strike can also surprise an opponent. To help you play football, a professional player teaches you to do the headscarf.

5.The free kick:

Direct or indirect, the free kick is used to score a goal in case of foul or unsportsmanlike behavior of an opposing player. The shot for the shot on goal must therefore be executed perfectly. The free kick can be done in a variety of ways, including a hard shot on the goalkeeper’s side and a powerful strike rolled over the wall. To succeed in these two techniques, discover on video the advice of a football educator.

6.The chisel returned:

Among the most used football striking techniques is the chisel. This technical gesture has many names such as bicycle, chalaca, retro, acrobatic or Chilean. As the name suggests, this is an acrobatic hit with the legs crossing in the air. In order to succeed your chisel, a football player gives you all his advice.

7.The chest cushioning:

When it comes to juggling, all body parts can be used with the exception of hands. In this video, a specialist shows you chest cushioning. As its name suggests, this technical gesture of football consists of a juggling with the breast. The chest cushioning also helps to recover a balloon in the air. His perfect mastery is acquired as and when training.

8.The panenka:

Czech footballer Antonin Panenka gave his name to a historic and spectacular gesture of football: panenka. Born in the final of Euro 1976, this shot is used for shooting on goal. Zinedine Zidane also made a name for herself by performing panenka in the 2006 World Cup final. If you too wish to have that shot in your feet, follow this video. A football coach teaches you how to do panenka

9.The head and the touch:

The head and the touch are basic gestures that any footballer must master. These techniques include handling the ball in the field. To train, a football educator shows on video how to make a head and a touch. The head and the key allow both to recover a balloon in the air. The return of touch has the distinction of being granted after a ball out of the field.

10.The sombrero’s blow:

Sombrero shot is a fake football technique. This spectacular move is to pass the ball over his opponent to surprise him. Its name comes from the trajectory of the balloon which is identical to an imaginary sombrero. Several football players stood out thanks to this move. This technique precedes a goal. For you to learn, a football coach shows video execution of the blow of sombrero.