Ways To Beat The Chumba Casino Online

Russian engineers have learned to deceive the slot machines of certain models. They studied the mechanism of operation of the automata and determined when to press a button to win. Chumba Casino around the world have suffered from scam activity – from the USA to Asia. Browse Bonus seeker webpage and get a trick to win casino.

In June 2014, Lumiere Place casino staff noticed that slot machines began to pay more money than usual. They picked up recordings from surveillance cameras and found a man who behaved quite suspiciously. First, he played on the machine, holding the phone in front of him, then he left, and then came back and won a large sum of money. Having spent 20-60 dollars, the player won 1300. He was distinguished from other casino visitors by the manner of playing: he held his finger over the button for a long time, and then sharply pressed.

The casino turned to the police. They found that this player is a 37-year-old Russian Murat Bliyev. During the investigation, it turned out that other players acted in the same way in other states – and earned large sums of money. It turned out that all these people are employees of a certain company from St. Petersburg, whose engineers learned how to predict the behavior of individual models of slot machines.

Slot machines are designed to bring casino profits in the long run – about seven cents per dollar. Automata use a pseudo-random number generator, that is, in fact, everything happens by chance – but according to a certain algorithm. The pseudo-random number generator takes some initial value, combines it with different values ​​(for example, with the clock of the gaming machine) and gives the final value. It depends on whether the jackpot falls.

In 2009, gambling machines were banned in Russia; the casino had to sell unwanted cars. Some of them bought Petersburg dealers. Their engineers analyzed the operation of the automata and were able to figure out how some models give the result. But to take advantage of the vulnerability, it was not enough for them to know the initial value that is used in the automaton, since the behavior of the automaton depends on its current state.

In the Chumba Casino Login of casino site, Murat Bliev filmed how the machine works, then sent the file to St. Petersburg, where it was analyzed. After that, the engineers were charged in the app on your phone Bliev information about time ‘s x marks – when you need to press the button. The Russian approached the machine and pressed the button when the phone began to vibrate. His associates also worked. For a week, a group of four people earned about 250 thousand dollars.

In December 2014, Murat Bliyev, Ivan Gudalov, Igor Lavrenov and Yevgeny Morozov were arrested. The FBI was involved in the deception of the casino since the crime was committed in several states. Bliev, Gudalov and Lavrenov received two years in prison. Morozov, who received US citizenship, has not yet been convicted – he is helping the FBI in the investigation.

In 2016, a Czech and two Russians were detained in Singapore, who were also deceiving casinos. As one of them said, the players received 10 percent from each win, five more got to their supervisor – all the rest went to St. Petersburg. There are traces of fraudsters in Latin America, Europe and Macau. Manufacturers of automata cannot replace software in all released machines, since all of them would have to be withdrawn – and because of this, the Chumba Sweeps will incur more losses than from fraudsters.